Out the Window

The window in my kitchen has a view of 2 bridges, the Throgs Neck and the Whitestone. As I’m sitting at my small kitchen table each morning, I look out and enjoy the view from our 5th floor Bronx apartment. Sipping strong coffee and smoking cigarette tobacco from my pipe, I notice the progress of the budding and new leaves growing on the neighborhood trees as they slowly obscure my bridges. It’s good to know that winter is over (with the exception of a possible freak snow storm. These days, ya never know.) and some of the best weather of the year is ahead. I tend to appreciate the Fall more than the Spring since I really can’t stand hot weather and breathe much easier when the Summer’s over. You can always put more clothes ON in the Winter. The Summer just makes me wanna peel my skin off.

It was Easter Sunday today . . . the day the Christian religion chose to allocate for their resurrection celebration. Funny thing is how so many people who call themselves Christians also take part in ancient Pagan Spring fertility rituals on this day . . . the bunnies and eggs . . . then there’s the chocolate with its stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain. Even more funny to me are the reactions I get from people when I bring up the Pagan thing. They either don’t want to hear it or challenge me on it and say things like, “Well, the two holidays just happen to fall at the same time.” C’mon, even the name “Easter” is taken from the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eoster, and it’s celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon that follows or falls on the Spring Equinox. The date the holiday falls on is dictated by the MOON.

Anyway, as I sat, staring out the window, this is the stuff that was going through my head . . . along with worrying about the time this day will take away from my new painting. Spending time with family is great and happens infrequently, but I’m really becoming obsessed with working lately and anything that gets between me and my canvas tickles a piece of my brain that has a little neon “ENEMY INTRUDER” sign flashing in the darkness. I am now working on another Surrealist painting after a few portrait jobs and even writing this entry in my new magazine section is feeling like an intrusion upon my painting time . . . so keep an eye out for a painting called, “Mummies with Double-Yolk Daisies”, coming soon to RichRethorn.com – The colors are at least as bright as the Easter eggs I didn’t bother to color this year would have been. It features a line of mummies sitting shoulder to shoulder in a field of daisies whose centers grew mutated by the leaking nuclear plant cooling towers in the background. The technique is the same as the “Large Scale Acrylics” I’ve been working on this past year, but this one and the next will have more punch to their messages.

Lastly, I’m in the process of deciding which paintings will be included in my first three giclee prints to be available through this website. Take a look at the Large Scale Acrylic Series gallery and respond here with your top painting picks!

Thanks! – Rich

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